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CraftStudio in a nutshell

It's the cooperative game-making platform for gamers: a multiplayer game to craft games.

Single-handedly developed by Elisée Maurer from Sparklin Labs

Ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising $23.500 last year

Check out this short history of the project and the vision behind it for more details

Media: Screenshots, logos & videos



Beta trailer

Crowdfunding video from last year

CraftStudio Beta

The first CraftStudio Beta build was released on April 24th after several months of development. I expect to get back to releasing incremental updates every other week now that it's out.

Major new features include:

Some notable games made with CraftStudio

Check out this YouTube playlist gathering videos of CraftStudio games


CraftFighter is a Minecraft fan game and a Street Fighter clone. It was created by a team of ~5 over a couple weeks for the CraftStudio booth at Minecon 2012 (and then later improved) and was very well received by the Minecraft community. To this day, it has been downloaded well over 200.000 times.

Running a YouTube Search for CraftFighter will show lots of videos, some by famous YouTubers like Yogscast and AntVenom.

Porté par le Vent

Porté par le Vent is a poetic flight game created in 72h for Ludum Dare #24 (August 2012) by over 10 people and ranked #4 overall out of 400 entries.


Stardust is a CraftStudio title being developed by Cerebrick Games. It's a space battle game featuring customizable starships.


There are many more: Beach, please!, MineMatcher, Irish-Sushi Smuggler or Penguin Dash to name a few.


CraftStudio features a Minecraft model exporter. Deeper support for Minecraft modding is planned.

A few friends rebuilt Kanto, the city from Pokemon in CraftStudio:


I'm available for interviews or any questions. My spoken English isn't exactly stellar so I'd rather stick to text.

What the press says...

A genuinely cute, well made game-making tool
Craig Pearson — Rock Paper Shotgun

Sounds like fun?

9 MB — Windows, OS X, Linux
Pretty damn neat [...] Good things usually happen when you give PC gamers new tools to express their creativity, so keep an eye on this one.
Tyler Wilde — PC Gamer