Terms of Use

By using CraftStudio or accessing this website, you agree to the following terms. I reserve the right to change this agreement at any time with or without notice, with immediate and / or retroactive effect.

These Terms of Use have been translated in various languages. If there is any conflict or difference between those and the English version, the English version prevails.

— Elisée Maurer, Sparklin Labs

Your Privacy

As part of the Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties law of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to access, modify, correct and/or delete information concerning you. You can exercise this right by sending a request from the email address associated with your CraftStudio account to elisee@craftstud.io.

CraftStudio Premium & Development

Purchasing a CraftStudio Premium account gives you access to all the major features of the software (as described here) and allows you to release games made with CraftStudio.

CraftStudio is a work in progress. Some features might be unfinished, lack polish or maybe not work at all. I do my best to fix any issue reported to me but I give no guarantee that any particular issue will be fixed or that any particular feature will be implemented.

Additional extra features or content might be provided at a cost through the built-in store (I will use my best judgement to keep it fair, I'm not out to screw you out of your last penny).

Content Ownership

The assets—models, maps, scripts, etc.—and games you create from scratch with CraftStudio are your own. You can use them commercially as long as you own a CraftStudio Premium account and you do not infringe on someone's copyright.

You don't owe Sparklin Labs anything more, although I would definitely appreciate it if you mention it was made with CraftStudio somewhere and invite people to check it out.

You can't make money or take credit for someone else's work by copying textures, models, characters or anything without their explicit permission. It is your responsibility to make sure you acquire the proper rights and abide by the law.

You can post screenshots and make videos of CraftStudio and you can make money off your content featuring the CraftStudio client as long as you add your own unique content to the video, such as an audio commentary.

If you share your assets publicly then I might pick them up and showcase them on the Web, within CraftStudio itself or anywhere else. I'll try to give appropriate credit where possible. If you want me to take down something, you can simply get in touch and I will do so, provided you can give reasonable proof that you are the author.

If you provide me or anyone involved with CraftStudio's development with ideas or suggestions, those are assumed to be offered for free and you forfeit all rights to them.

CraftStudio Distribution & Account Usage

You're not allowed to redistribute the CraftStudio launcher, client or server. You should only get CraftStudio from the official website. If you download it from anywhere else, I can't make any promise as to its integrity or that it won't make your computer burst into flames!

As long as you own a Premium account, you can redistribute the unmodified CraftStudio runtime as part of your exported game, for the sole purpose of allowing others to play your game.

A Premium account should only be used by a single person at a time. It's not meant to be shared by multiple people. You may not sell Premium keys (you can gift them though). Also, don't buy Premium keys from third-party as they might get disabled at any time if they happen to have been fraudulently obtained.

Community Services

CraftStudio is a fundamentally multiplayer platform and comes with a bunch of services to interact with the community including public projects, a friending system, a private chat system, profile pictures, project discovery and a store for sharing creations.

By using the services, you agree to behave respectfully and keep your usage reasonable so as not to disturb other players or disrupt the services. Players not abiding by these principles might have their community privileges removed.

Things NOT to do include:

There are kids around so keep it family-friendly! If you create adult material, mark it clearly as such.

When interacting with other CraftStudians, be nice, be patient, assume good faith. If you're getting worked up, walk away from the keyboard and come back later. I want CraftStudio to be a friendly place where people can enjoy themselves and learn from one another.

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